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https://www.nface.com.tw/en/ 新国株式会社環境開発
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Environmental protection, energy saving, safety

Established in 1992, focusing on the concentration and reduction of waste and incinerators, it is committed to the research and development of related environmental protection equipment.

In 2013, battery testing and life extension applications were added (GEL, AGM, UPS, telecommunications, communications, stackers, automobiles).

In 2020, join the development and application of green power generation (solar energy, steam, geothermal).

Service Content:

  1. Efficiency testing of lead-acid batteries and lithium-iron batteries of various types (GEL, AGM, UPS, stackers, automobiles, telecommunications, communications, and large-capacity energy storage).
  2. Detection and life extension of various lead-acid batteries (GEL, AGM, UPS, telecommunications, communications, large-capacity energy storage).
  3. Sales of lead-acid battery chargers, dischargers, detectors, and life extension machines.
  4. Sales of battery monitoring systems for UPS, base stations, golf carts, and stackers.
  5. Manufacture and sales of incinerators, raw material mixers, dehydrators, dryers, waste solvent processors, metal chip deoilers, waste salt solution processors, etc.
  6. Solar energy, steam, geothermal development and application.