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https://www.nface.com.tw/en/ Xinguo Environmental Development Co., Ltd.
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Environmental protection, energy saving, safety

Established in 1992, it focuses on the concentration, reduction, incineration, drying and reuse of waste, and is committed to the research and development of related environmental protection equipment.

year 2013

  1. Increase the testing, repair and regeneration life extension services of lead-acid batteries (GEL, AGM, UPS, telecommunications, electric stackers, automobiles)
  2. Various battery repair equipment, including chargers, dischargers, inspection and repair machines, and battery monitoring systems (BMS) sales
  3. New and used batteries for sale

In 2020, we will join the development and integrated application of green power generation (solar energy, steam, waste heat, energy storage, retired battery reuse)

Service Content:

1. Energy equipment: renewable energy (solar power generation, energy storage cabinets, UPS, SRF waste heat steam power generation, micro steam and electricity symbiosis), lead-acid battery maintenance, sulfur removal and regeneration, storage capacity testing, charge and discharge testing, new and old batteries Voltage adjustment, sales of new and used batteries and retired used batteries, and application design technical support...etc.

2. Environmental protection equipment: planning, design, manufacturing and construction of various types of waste (including solid, waste liquid, sludge, waste gas) classification, drying, distillation, incineration, air pollution prevention and control, SRF combustion, agricultural waste treatment, etc.

3. Battery equipment: One-machine multi-functional battery equipment (including regeneration, charging, discharging, testing, and complete data recording), high-current and high-voltage chargers and dischargers, BMS, DC high-voltage simulators for photovoltaic cells, etc. Equipment rental and sales application technical support.