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  • Sludge incinerator

    1.Incineration treatment of sludge generated after various types of wastewater treatment.
    2.Mixed combustion treatment of waste solvent, waste oil, high-concentration waste liquid, residue, etc.

  • Rotary kiln incinerator

    It can handle high water content, solid and liquid waste, automatic quantitative feeding, automatic ash discharge, automatic constant temperature combustion (850 ° C ~ 1000 ° C) for 24 hours continuous operation, equipment exhaust emission in line with the latest environmental regulations, waste heat during combustion Produce steam recycling, humanized, automated operation interface, centralized management and saving manpower

  • Waste liquid incinerator

    Incineration treatment of organic wastewater, high COD waste liquid, waste solvent, waste engine oil, waste cutting oil, waste salt solution, and waste fatty acid.

  • Small solid waste incinerator

    【suitable for garbage】General garbage, solid waste, waste paper, waste wood, wood dust, plant leaves,Waste plastics, waste packaging materials, waste fibers, waste cloth strips, waste rubber, etc.

  • Medical waste incinerator

    Incineration of infectious waste and hazardous waste generated by hospitals or clinics.