battery device
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  • UPS battery remote monitoring system-BBMS

    1. The battery can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 2. The voltage, current, internal resistance and temperature of each battery can be checked. 3. Wireless data transmission to DB server. 4. There is an algorithm for checking the battery state of health (SOH). 5. Use PC and smart devices to check the status, and send out alarm information when problems are found. 6. Reduce battery management costs     

  • Golf Cart Battery Monitoring System - CBMS

    Learn About Golf Cart Exceptional Batteries
    Saving manpower through effective management can reduce operating costs
    Reduce costs by extending expensive battery replacement intervals
    Detect faulty batteries to prevent accidents
    Extend battery life with MCS battery regenerator

  • Wireless Battery Monitoring System-BMS

    1. Can check the voltage of each battery
    2. Wireless data transmission to DB server
    3. Alert message when a problem is found