Sluge Dehydrator3
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Sluge Dehydrator

Sludge dewatering function in sewage treatment process.


  1. It can operate continuously.
  2. The particle size in the mud can be continuously and smoothly operated.
  3. The solid concentration and particle size during operation will not affect the operation if there is any change.
  4. The mechanism is strong and the machine is small.
  5. If the machine is overloaded during operation, there is an automatic stop device.
  6. Maintenance and cleaning is simple.


  1. Sludge dewatering function in sewage treatment process.

【application customer】

  1. All kinds of factories include high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, fiber, domestic wastewater fields.

【Processing process】

  1. It is a centrifugal sedimentation machine. When the mud treatment enters the mechanism, it is separated by high-speed rotary sedimentation, and the solid and water are separately discharged to achieve dehydration or separation of solid and liquid.