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metal chip deoiler

Continuous operation, one deoiler can process multiple processing machinery to discharge metal scraps at the same time, the cutting oil can be recycled and reused, the deoiling rate is over 95%, and the direct knot motor drive mode is adopted, saving floor space, easy maintenance and cleaning. Easy to wash.



1. Continuous operation
  •  Continuous feeding, automatic oil discharge and chipping.
  •  Save manpower.
  •  A deoiler can process multiple processing machinery to discharge metal scrap at the same time.
2. Special drive structure
  • Adopting direct-connect motor drive mode, the transmission mechanism is solid and small, saving floor space.
3. Cutting oil can be recycled and reused
  • The oil removal rate is over 95%, which will not be consumed and wasted.
4. Smooth operation, sturdy durable
  • Continuous feeding and discharging, different from batch feeding, so the rotating body does not accumulate load.
5. Easy maintenance, easy to clean and wash


  1. The metal is cooled and lubricated during the CNC machining process. Special cutting oil or cutting fluid is usually added to the cutting contact surface. Because of its adhesiveness, it will adhere to the surface of the metal slag and the surface of the product.
  2. The metal slag deoiler is a continuous deoiler and a centrifugal separator. The main function is to separate metal scrap residue and finished solids from oil very efficiently. It is also a cutting oil recovery machine, which can recycle expensive cutting oil and save considerable cost.
  3. It has been widely used in iron slag deoiling, copper slag deoiling, aluminum slag deoiling, plastic granule dehydration, etc.

【Applicable industry】

  1. CNC lathe machining, mechanical manufacturing, screw manufacturing, bearing manufacturing, gear machining, metal processing parts deoiling, etc.

【Deoiling principle】

  1. The main structure is a U-shaped continuous centrifugal design with a vertical rotation. The oil-containing metal particle solids are collected and transported by the conveyor, fed from the upper center, and dropped into the U-shaped high-speed rotating body. The particles are forced to be detached by the centrifugal force through the filter screen, and flow out from the side filter of the rotating body, and the deoiled metal solid particles are It is discharged from the bottom of the centrifuge, so it can be continuously fed and discharged.