Waste solvent solidification treatment devic3
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Waste solvent solidification treatment devic

Solidification treatment of waste solvent concentrate


  1. Treated in a vacuum tight manner, the solvent gas does not leak and is very safe.
  2. Treated in a vacuum, it can handle high boiling solvents.
  3. The concentrated liquid can be dried to solid in a short time.
  4. It can operate continuously.
  5. High and low concentrations can be used.
  6. High heat exchange efficiency, about 70~90%, can save operating costs.
  7. The rolling method of the roller is excellent in durability.


  1. Solidification treatment of waste solvent concentrate.

【application object】

  1. All kinds of factories include high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc.

【Treatment process】

  1. It is injected into the metal roller of the dryer with steam as a heat source, and is quickly transferred to the surface of the roller.
  2. It is to continuously feed the concentrated liquid into the upper part of the roller for preheating, and after being rolled by the two rollers, the surface is heated and dried.
  3. After a few seconds, the drying is completed and turned into a thin sheet or strip. The scraper on both sides of the roller will scrape it off and the batch will be discharged.
  4. The evaporating gas is cooled and then discharged or reprocessed.