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It can be dried in a short time and can be dried in a short time, and the water content can be as low as 5%. Both the high and low moisture and viscosity of the object can be used. The heat exchange efficiency is very high, about 70~90%, which can save operating costs. The degree of dryness can be adjusted.


  1. Sludge dryer
  2. Rolling dryer
  3. Solidification equipment for waste sodium salt solution


  1. Treated by low temperature physical method, stable quality.
  2. Drying can be completed in a short time, the moisture content can be as low as 5%.
  3. Continuous operation.
  4. The high and low moisture and viscosity of the object can be used.
  5. High heat exchange efficiency, about 70~90%, can save operating costs.
  6. Maintenance and cleaning is simple.
  7. The object is pressed into a thin sheet by means of a roller, and the machine is durable.
  8. Dryness can be adjusted.
  9. Large processing capacity, complete models.

  1. After drying various types of wastewater sludge, reduce water, reduce weight, reduce capacity, recycle and reuse.
  2. Drying of viscous liquid, high concentration wastewater, sludge, suspension.
  3. Drying of feed and distiller's grains.
  4. Drying of other substances.

【application customer】

All kinds of factories include high-tech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dyeing and finishing, paper, leather, electroplating, wastewater treatment sites.

【Treatment process】

  1. It is a steam-heated dryer that uses steam as a heat source to inject into the metal roller of the dryer and conducts heat quickly to the surface of the roller.
  2. It is a roller dryer(or drum dryer) that feeds the object continuously into the upper part of the roller for preheating, and after being rolled by two rollers, the attached surface is heated and dried.
  3. After a few seconds, it is dried and turned into a powder or flake shape. The scraper on both sides of the roller will scrape it off and continue to be discharged by the conveyor.
  4. Evaporate the water and then enter the scrubber for treatment before discharging.


  1. We have a sample test machine, welcome to use more.