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The company provides size capacity batteries (~3,000AH) and large GEL, AGM, UPS, telecommunications lead-acid battery regeneration and testing services4
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This technology has been successfully developed for many years, and the patented lead-acid battery regeneration technology mainly uses the principle of electrical physics to dissolve the lead sulfate crystal which causes the battery performance to attenuate, so that the battery can be used for performance, extend battery life, assist the stacker, telecommunication equipment, and Lead-acid battery users such as power-off system (UPS) equipment have been able to significantly reduce operating costs while at the same time doing social responsibility for environmental protection, energy conservation and carbon reduction.

This technology has been operating in Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries for many years. At present, it is a system designated for use by many citizens' organizations in various countries. It shows that the recycling technology has been widely recognized at home and abroad. The company hopes to use the same equipment and Technology, for the vast number of Taiwanese companies, to provide this high-quality service of conservation and environmental protection.

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