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Why batteries need optimization4
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新国株式会社環境開発 No. 901, Guangfu Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 334 https://www.nface.com.tw/en/hot_304823.html
新国株式会社環境開発 No. 901, Guangfu Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 334 https://www.nface.com.tw/en/hot_304823.html
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Why batteries need optimization

(1)       When the battery is used in series mode, due to the inconsistent characteristics of the battery itself, the battery will have greater inconsistency after the cycle of charge and discharge, resulting in some batteries being overcharged and some batteries being undercharged. Accelerated battery damage.

(2)       Generally speaking, the so-called inconsistency of the battery refers to the difference in the chemical reaction of the battery, the ability to charge and discharge, and the degree of deterioration of the plate. These differences will lead to greater differences in each battery. For example, in a string of batteries, the capacity of one battery is smaller than that of other batteries. When the battery pack is discharged to the set end voltage, the voltage of this battery will be significantly lower than the voltage of other batteries. Once this happens Finally, as the number of uses increases, the condition of the battery will become worse and worse, and eventually it will even release a negative voltage. Therefore, when the battery capacity imbalance occurs, the damage to the battery is permanent, and the capacity imbalance may all come from slight differences in the manufacturing process.

(3)       In addition to differences in the battery manufacturing process, the most common cause of unbalanced battery capacity is insufficient charging of the battery. Proper charging can maintain a certain capacity of the battery, but because the charging reaction of the battery is not the same, and this reaction is affected by the charging efficiency and aging degree of each battery, so applying proper charging can reduce the difference, so that The battery can reach the fully charged state, but the accompanying risk is the damage of the battery (the total voltage of a string of batteries is added by each battery, and when the voltage is increased to the upper limit under the condition of equal charging, because each battery Unbalanced battery capacity or different aging degrees make it difficult to achieve balanced charging, and at this time some batteries will be damaged due to overvoltage).

(4)       In order to improve the imbalance of charging, optimization and reduction of lead sulfate are usually adopted. The purpose of this technology is to equalize the charging voltage of each battery in a string of batteries. The method is to optimize and reduce each battery After lead sulfate, the fully charged batteries are kept at the same voltage value, reducing the capacity difference between batteries, thereby achieving the purpose of prolonging battery life.

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